An Lewydh (The President)

Ev dewlagas o gwyrdh

Nyns o glas yn moryow re na

Nyns o bywnans ow neuvya

Yn an golowji tewedhow


My a welles morvleydh ena

Mar kwellen morvleydh ha my ow neuvya

My a assa an dowr fest yn skav

Mes den mar kri “Morvleydh!” lieskweyth

Wor'tiwedh ny worthyp tus dhodho

An lewydh a sevis hag a gewsis,

Ow drehevyans pellenow dhiwordh gerow

Ev kostenna an den kosk

Ow leski lyveryow der ev dans

Gorhel-banner heb goel po lew

Marnas delow

Yma linenn moen yntra lewydh ha lewyas

Ha martessen, un yw moy dhe less

- - - - -

His eyes were inorganic green

There was no blue* in those seas

There was no life swimming

In the stormy lighthouses


I see a shark there

If I were to see a shark while I was swimming

I would leave the water pretty quick

But if a person cries 'Shark!' too many times

Eventually people stop replying

The president stood and spoke

Building bullets out of words

He targeted the sleeping people

Burning books through his teeth

A flag-ship without sail or rudder

Only a figurehead

There is a fine line between a president and a chauffeur

And perhaps, one more has more use

- - - - -

*the Kernewek word 'glas' cannot be translated directly into English, it does not mean blue exactly. It is used for both blue and green, especially when it comes to natural things. The sea and sky are glas, as are leaves and grass, but unnatural greens such as paint are 'gwyrdh'.